Weather Guru

We offer advanced Realtime weather data, forecasts and lightning alerts to you with over 50 weather stations and lightning sensors deployed island wide to mitigate weather related operational, financial and human risks.

Why us

Sri Lanka’s 1st connected weather network

Include weather, lightning and flood detection sensors

Realtime Weather data

Captures weather parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure, Wind Direction Wind Speed, Rainfall, Lightning and UV index

Hourly and Daily Weather forecast

Our weather forecasting tool can provide Hourly and Daily forecast up to 10 days.

Global lightning detection system

First sensor network in Sri Lanka, capable of detecting in cloud and cloud to ground lightning

Historical weather data

We provide historical weather data according to your need

Restful APIs

All data are exposed as APIs


Temperature sensor

Temperature in (C/F)

Humidity sensor

Humidity percentage (%)

Wind direction sensor

Wind direction

Wind speed sensor

Wind speed in (Km/h)

Rain gauge

Measure Rainfall (mm)

Pressure sensor

Atmospheric pressure (Pa/mb)

Lightning sensor

Lightning detection

UV sensor

UV index

Dialog Mini Weather Stations

25 mini weather stations covering every district.

Weather stations operates on NB-IoT, LTE and GSM network

Flexible access to data through APIs and visualization tools


Temperature and Humidity sensor | Atmospheric pressure sensorm | Wind direction | Wind speed | Rain gauge | UV sensor


Use cases


Weather is one of the most limiting factors to the agriculture industry. Severe weather changes can greatly affect growth, state quantity and quality of crops and its disease incidence. Weather not only affects how crops grow but the logistics around planting, harvesting, and transportation. Weather data and analytics on field-by-field or zone-by-zone basis helps farmers make informed decisions throughout the year to maximize food production, minimize environmental impact, and reduce operating costs.


Fishery industry is highly dependent on Weather. Severe weather conditions could disrupt the ecosystems and make it difficult to catch fish in the same ways and same places as done in the past. Fisherman rely on weather forecast for predict fishing and to avoid loss of lives, injuries and damage caused on boats and equipment.

Aviation and harbour operations

Severe weather impacts all aspects of airport and harbor operations. From thunderstorms to wind and fog as well as temperature and pressure extremes, can potentially impact every phase of a flight or shipment. Intelligent weather prediction tool is can assist to protect crew and passengers and safeguard capital assets.


Weather has a significant impact on the performance of athletes. Weather intelligence products and services can help sports leagues and clubs to protect their members, athletes, visitors and employees, in scheduling and cancelling events and ground keeping activities.


Hosting a public out-door event on a rainy day will be a nightmare. It will cost lots of money. weather is so important in entertainment business.


Nearly 50% of insurers have plans to utilize weather data as a key component of their analytics strategy. Weather data is changing how insurers approach the full life cycle of customers from product design to marketing to underwriting to account management as well as claims.

Energy and utilities

Severe weather is the leading cause of electric power outages because of the catastrophic damage caused to distribution systems and transmission systems. With intelligent weather network we can predict and prevent outages and reduce restoration time.

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